Imagined Homeland (Dominica’s Literary Geographies) aims to digitally recreate significant historical locations referenced literature by Dominican authors and or set in Dominica through geographical mapping, literary and historical analysis and audiovisual exhibits. The project aims to contextualize the island’s complex literary history and to explore the significant sociopolitical contexts that influenced literature about Dominica’s dynamic physical and social geography.

This project uses both close and distant reading to provide literary analysis of several literary works and will include, but is not limited to the following methods of analysis:

Novels for analysis:

This project is being developed to serve as a key educational resource for teaching Caribbean literature in secondary and tertiary schools. The various interpretations will also serve younger age groups by providing visual aids to the study of Dominica’s featured historic sites. The resource also hopes to attract literary communities, particularly emerging writers in Dominica as a reference site for continued literary production in and about Dominica.